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Feedbacks are important when you work for/with people. Here are key comments on me:

I've worked with Ahmed on many projects. I think the only thing I can complain about him is his deep love for perfection. Reuben Mac.Quaye ~ CEO RMQ

Ahmed has always been part of our core people for any challenging projects. Chris Umunnabuike ~ CEO Proquest Consulting, Ltd

Certainly the right guy for any project requiring creativity. Ahmad Fayz ~ CEO AS Ghana, Ltd

It seems he has no limit when it comes to what you want. John Egyawan ~ CEO Yooodoo, LLC

zooboole has never said NO, whenever I call him for any type of work. And we always come to an agreement with the price. Neema LD Neufville ~ CEO Lumofa Ghana, LLC

A real guy. He's our man of the situation. Francis Banks ~ CEO TalkMediaGhana.com

No matter the project, I always come to zooboole first. It's more than necessary Shadrack Mentowah ~ CEO Connect Liberia, Ltd

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